Our services

our services in very best one How do you optimize without disrupting your business needs? our company Infrastructure services provide end-to-end management of your automation Infrastructure and assure optimal automation management solutions.

List of our services

  • Turnkey projects.
  • Control Panel Manufacturing.
  • Software Support.
  • Machine Build Automation(SPM).
  • Standard Product Solutions.
  • Revamping the Automation Systems.

Our Experience in the Following industries

  • Water-WTP,ETP,STP,DM.
  • Food And Beverage.
  • Automotive.
  • SPM.
  • Textile

Turnkey projects.

  • Complete Analysis of Customer Requirements.
  • Engineering And Design.
  • Manufacturing Highly Standard Panels with Safety.
  • Complete Site Erection And Field Cabling.
  • Commissioning with best.

Control Panel Manufacturing.

  • PLC Panel.
  • MCC.
  • PCC.
  • VFD.
  • Relay Control Panel.

Software Support.

  • PLC Programming Support for all Make PLC’s.
  • SCADA and HMI Development Support.
  • Report Generating Software Support For Online & offline.
  • Recipe Management System Development

Machine Build Automation(SPM).

  • Servo Systems for Special purpose Machines.
  • Special Compact Design Control Panels.
  • PLC, VFD Control Panels For Special
  • Microcontroller Based Dedicated Compact System.
  • Bottling Machine.
  • Dryer machine.
  • Hydraulic Press.
  • Conveyer.

Standard Product Solutions.

  • Customized Control Panel for RO & UF Plant.
  • Analytical instruments.
  • Display Solutions.
  • Customized Report Generating Software.

Revamping the Automation Systems.

  • Revamping the old System with new technology and Cost effective and make that as a new System.